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Are Nukes too hard to obtain in Warzone 2?

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Well yes but actually no.

What makes nukes such an achievement is having to get 5 wins in a row in Battle Royale then in the following game you have to collect all the necessary elements together while being globally visible so you can set off the nuke for the champion win
But what makes it so difficult to achieve, something only the very best Warzone 2 players will manage even once, makes it so that if they made it any easier it would be almost pointless to try.
Without the challenge, everyone would be able to do it eventually, thus it would lose its appeal.

I saw several people on Twitter saying they felt that Warzone 2 wouldn’t be doing as well as it is without the nuke mechanic and all the streamers publicly showing off the achievement.
Whether they achieved it for the first time or the tenth time.
They make the game look coordinated, interesting and fun.
I would agree with that sentiment to a degree.
I don’t feel like that is the only thing that is keeping the population of the game up, nor is it the reason most players play.
This could perhaps be considered for the time 1/2% of the player base if even.
It only lends to the public image of how fun the game can be if you put in the time, the hours, and the effort into getting good at the game.
Most if not all the top streamers, especially the streamers who are getting nukes have years and thousands of hours of game time put into getting good at COD games.
All of this effort pays off.
I would posit that it in fact encourages more game time, and more learning how to get better at the game so you can perhaps one day earn yourself a nuke too.

It is not something I would probably ever be capable of myself, however, knowing that it is in the game and could be achieved even in the most far-flung realms of possibility, is enough for me to say it’s worth having.
But it is not the sole reason I would, and do, play Warzone 2.

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