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Is Warzone 2 better than Warzone 1?

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Warzone 1


Warzone 2

As a fan of a wide variety of games and esports, one of the games that I’ve been playing recently is Warzone 2.

I played Warzone 1 every night with a group of friends of varying KDAs for several months before we lost the best map the game ever had, Verdansk.

But how does Warzone 1 which brought us metas such as the Grau, and FFAR hold up against it’s predecesor?

Quite frankly upon release Warzone 2 was not in a fit state to be remotely playable, with most people choosing to either not play or to buy the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

They could then have some new COD fun and rank up weapons without having to play release version Warzone 2.

From unplayable levels of server wide lag, to glitches and everyone having to get used to the new proximity chat, it had a lot of issues.

For the first month after release neither I nor anyone I know played any Warzone 2.

However, now that some of these issues have been resolved, lag is greatly reduced, and you can change the sound levels of the proximity chat and whether or not you even use proximity chat, it makes the game much better.

I can now say that I’m genuinely enjoying myself every time that I play now.

What I still strongly dislike, maybe even could say I hate it, is the fact that there is still an inumerable amount of bots in games in the form of the Stronghold guards.

I think a lot of players would agree with me when I say that the game would be much better if these bots were removed from the game.

For an example from one of my games the other night.

Myself and some of my friends dropped in somewhere around caves at the start of the game.

There was at least one maybe two other squads in the area.

That would be fine, but what made the situation unplayable was the fact that there was half a dozen or more bots in the area too so you could not tell who was AI and who was a real player.

I killed three or four bots before I ran face first into three enemy players and got dunked on.

This to me is what separates Warzone 2 from Warzone 1 and is the primary reason I still long for the days of Warzone 1, hot dropping with the squad into Stadium (before the Stadium glitch became a thing).

The TTK is far too quick in Warzone 2 for my liking but I can live with it since I too have a high TTK and a one shot Signal 50.

Can Warzone 2 be inproved to the point where it can eclipse Warzone of old, the one we all knew and loved?

(I’m talking about Verdansk not Caldera)

I would say, it’s unlikely and there would have to be a lot of quality of life changes to even have it reach Verdansk levels of greatness.

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